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Secure All Aspects of Your Distributed Enterprise with Next-Generation, Industry-Leading Network Security Platforms

Securing the separate physical locations of your Distributed Enterprise is challenging due to the wide range of business functions that you need to protect. Remote employees, branch office locations, and/or corporate data centers have distinct security and access requirements that transcend any single security product. Defending your distributed enterprise requires an ecosystem of security products that integrate and operate together to secure your distributed enterprise. Fortinet’s breadth of security products, which includes our FortiGate Network Security Platform appliances and our FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer central management and analysis devices, provide an integrated set of tools that can secure all aspects of your distributed enterprise. Fortinet can provide all the components of a secure distributed enterprise architecture and deliver security at the management, aggregation, branch office, and access layers of any distributed enterprise.

Enterprise Diagram

Management Level

Given the widely distributed nature of modern organizations, the ability to quickly configure, modify and manage security appliances from a single console is essential. Fortinet provides FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer Management and analysis physical and virtual appliances for maximum flexibility to help you manage your distributed environments.

Aggregation Level

The aggregation level is the destination for all data, typically in a regional or headquarters location. Core security functions such as Firewall, Application Control and VPN termination take place at this level. Fortinet’s Network Security Platform appliances have the power and intelligence required to protect this demanding environment.

Branch Office

The individual branch office level requires security and connectivity for a wide variety of functions including WiFi, Voice, and traditional Network Connectivity. These additional functions require more advanced security controls including Antimalware, Application Control, IPS, and Traffic Management. Fortinet products designed for your branch offices include FortiGate and FortiWiFi Network Security Platform appliances, FortiSwitch Secure Ethernet Switches, FortiVoice IP PBX Systems and FortiAP Wireless Access Points. Fortinet provides all the components you need to ensure your branch offices will operate in a secure manner while still offering an enhanced IT experience.

Access Level

As your enterprise extends access to employees and partners using tablets and other mobile devices, ensuring secure access is critical. Fortinet can ensure Secure Wireless, remote, and guest Access Control through rogue AP detection, Authentication, guest WiFi, Web Filtering, Rate Limiting and Load Balancing.


  • Unmatched performance and ultra-low latency
  • Wide breadth of best-in-breed security technologies
  • Single Pane of Glass Management
  • Ultra-low latency



  • Integrated security technologies deliver layered protection against sophisticated threats
  • Lower TCO, improved projection, increased performance
  • Appliance and virtual machine options


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