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Fortinet’s FortiGate Award-Winning High-Performance and Next Generation Firewall Platforms Provide Industry-Leading Network Security for Data Center Environments

For Data Center deployments, Fortinet’s industry-leading, high-performance Firewall technologies provide exceptional throughput and ultra-low latency, enabling the protection, flexibility, scalability and manageability to ensure the security coverage users and customers demand. Fortinet’s FortiGate Network Security Platform provides the backbone of your secure high-speed data center. The FortiGate Network Security Platform combines a high-performance Firewall with fully integrated security technologies (such as Antimalware, Application Control, and Intrusion Prevention) enabling extensive protection profiles for in-depth defense. Fortinet built the FortiGate line of Network Security Platforms, and the accompanying management and reporting tools, to exceed the performance and security requirements of even the most demanding data center demands environments.

Firewall Diagram

Fortinet Network Security Platform technology combines ASIC-accelerated stateful inspection with an arsenal of integrated security technologies to quickly identify and block complex threats. Fortinet’s custom architecture means that you no longer have to sacrifice security for speed. The power of advanced FortiASIC™ processors allows high-speed protection (up to 520 Gbps of real world traffic) without compromising network performance.

FortiOS, the world’s most powerful security operating system, is the foundation for all Fortinet FortiGate security platforms. It provides more security, intelligence and control to help data centers protect against today’s advanced targeted attacks. Together with superior industry-validated behavioral and signature-based threat detection FortiOS delivers unbeatable multi-layered protection against today’s sophisticated malware.

Single pane of glass management with FortiManager™ allows you to configure and manage thousands of FortiGate® appliances. Centralized logging and reporting from FortiAnalyzer™ lets you analyze, report and archive security events, network traffic web content and messaging data to measure policy compliance and simplify billing or cost allocation. Both are available in hardware and virtual machine versions for improved flexibility.


  • Wide breadth of best-of-breed security technologies
  • Unmatched performance and ultra-low latency
  • Single-pane-of-glass management


  • A single security platform that delivers all needed data center services
  • Lower TCO, improved projection, increased performance
  • Standardize enterprise, branch office and data center on a single platform family
  • Appliance, Chassis-based, and virtual machine options


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