Professional services

As a leader in remote access and security, Qual provides Professional Services to assist you in designing, implementing, and optimizing secure yet highly flexible solutions centered on secure access. Security is not just about firewalls and packet filtering today, but requires a holistic approach that includes network access, internetworking, authentication, and a solid understanding of application deployment (server and client).

When you add a Qual Professional Services engineer to your team, you acquire extensive experience with networks of all sizes. We understand that you need to meet demanding user and/or customer requirements both today and tomorrow. We can help increase security and reliability while providing cost-effective scaling.

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  • IT Security Consultant Services

    Your customers and partners demand a demonstrable information security management policy and implementation that only an experienced IT Security Consultant or consultancy can deliver. With the all of the demands on internal IT resources these days, including keeping up with current threats and trends, it can be cost-effective and beneficial to rely on a trusted, reputable IT Security Consultant. It is important to show that you are always protecting their information.

  • IT Security Support Services

    This is a service offered to companies in need of IT Security Support Services, advice or assistance with regard to their existing IT Infrastructure hardware or software. Our team of accredited IT Security advisers are available to offer impartial, unbiased advice on any Business IT Security matters or issues that you would like to discuss. We cover all of the main IT Security products. All information shared is treated in the strictest confidence.

  • Data and Network Security

    With data and network security in place, your company will experience many business benefits. Your company is protected against business disruption, which helps keep employees productive. Data and Network security helps your company meet mandatory regulatory compliance. Because data network security helps protect your customers’ data, it reduces the risk of legal action from data theft.