Fortinet Network Security Mid Range

Our family of proven, versatile Network Security Platforms enables you to find the right blend of performance and price to meet your unique requirements. Fortinet offers you more models and security technology options than any other vendor on the market. Fortinet understands the challenges you face trying to secure your network with limited resources and staff.

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  1. FortiGate 200B Network Security Appliance POE
    Network Security Appliances FortiGate-200B series deliver wire-speed firewall performance and integrated threat management. Purpose-built processors provide up to 5 Gbps firewall throughput, enabling you to protect your essential applications and systems without affecting throughput. The FortiGate-200B-POE powers, up to 8 wireless access points with integrated POE interfaces. Learn More
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  2. FortiGate Rugged 100C Security Appliance
    The FortiGate Rugged-100C is an industrially hardened, all-in-one network security appliance that delivers enterprise-class threat protection for your critical control network. Learn More
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  3. FortiGate 100D NGFW
    The FortiGate-140D features high port density and integrated switching, enabling enterprises to combine switching and security functions into a single platform. Learn More
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  4. FortiGate 200D NGFW
    The FortiGate-200D series of Network Security Platforms which include FortiGate-200D and FortiGate-240D deliver fully integrated Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) capabilities for midsize distributed enterprise businesses and branch offices. Learn More
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  5. FortiGate 300C Security Appliance
    The FortiGate-300C consolidated security appliance delivers proven, consolidated security at switching speeds for mid-sized organizations and branch office locations of large enterprises. The highly versatile FortiGate-300C features one of the highest port densities and price/performance ratios of any product in its class. Learn More
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  6. FortiGate 600C Network Security Appliance
    The FortiGate-600C provides broad UTM (Unified Threat Management) deployment options for mid-sized organizations and branch offices of large enterprises. Its integrated multi-threat security features, offer the ability to augment existing systems and add new functionality or replace aging security infrastructures. Learn More
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  7. FortiGate 800C Network Security Appliance
    The FortiGate-800C security appliance is designed to meet the security needs of mid-sized organizations and branch offices of large enterprises. Its integrated multi-threat security features, including application control, provide the protection you need against today’s security threats. The integrated WiFi Controller is designed with BYOD deployments in mind. The FortiGate-800C is also ideal for providing a secure environment where legal and regulatory compliance are critical. Learn More
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  8. FortiGate 1240B Network Security Appliance
    FortiGate-1240B security appliances offer superior performance and scalability for your mid-size or large enterprise network. Its IPv6-ready platform and rich feature set with application control, built-in wireless controller, local logging, and endpoint policy enforcement is designed to protect next generation networks. A purpose-built platform, flexible security and storage expansion bays enable customization of performance and security focus for maximum threat protection, providing flexible, multi-layered security for your growing business. Learn More
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  9. Fortinet FortiGate 1000C
    The FortiGate-1000C integrates network and security functions into a single device to help identify and thwart multiple threats for mid-sized organizations and large branch offices of large enterprises. With numerous accelerated multi-threat security interfaces, organizations can create multiple security zones for various departments, users, access methods, and even devices to enforce network security at accelerated speeds. Learn More
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